The ImuPro Test – Guidelines

The nutritional guidelines of the ImuPro test are built on three important building blocks:

phases1. Elimination phase

All foods with high levels of IgG-antibodies are avoided for 5 to 8 weeks during this phase and all the foods without raised levels of IgG antibodies are eaten in a 4-day rotation cycle. The aim is to reduce or even stop inflammatory processes through their avoidance.

2. Provocation phase

After the elimination phase, you start a provocation diet and gradually include the recently avoided foods one by one. Through introducing one new food at a time, the provocation phase helps to find the foods you should continue to avoid.

3. Stabilisation phase

During the stabilisation phase, the IgG reactive foods identified in the provocation phase are avoided for at least one year so that the IgG antibody level can lower. Then you may start another provocation phase. You may find that there are one or two foods that you may have to avoid permanently.

The three phases are described in more detail in the ▲Personal Nutritional Guide which you will receive together with your test results. Please click the tabs to the left to learn more about each ImuPro test we offer, namely ImuPro Screen, ImuPro Basic and ImuPro Complete.

▲Personal nutritional guidelines received only with ImuPro Basic and ImuPro Complete tests

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