The ImuPro Test – Diagnostics

This section explains how the ImuPro test is performed. To read more about the development of food hypersensitivities, please visit R-Biopharm’s ImuPro main site:
Through an extensive laboratory analysis, the ImuPro test detects and measures the levels of IgG antibodies specific to particular food proteins/antigens. The antibodies are detected by their ability to bind to specific proteins from up to 270 analysed foods.

Step 1

Food proteins are bound to the surface of a micro titre plate. Each of these plates are treated with a different food.

Step 2

After this, your sample is probed within the plate cavities during the analysis. If your sample contains specific IgG antibodies to a certain food, they will then bind to these proteins, which are bound to the cavity of the micro titre plate, as they would also do within your body.

Step 3

This binding is then visualised by means of a colorimetric reaction. Additionally, sensitive measuring devices determine the amount of the bound IgG antibodies. To view more detailed information on the laboratory analysis please visit

Based on the results of the antibody titre, the tested foods are then categorised as follow:

ImuPro Screen: “not elevated”, “elevated”

ImuPro Basic and ImuPro Complete: “not elevated”, “elevated” and “highly elevated”

The specific IgG concentrations determined by the test do not necessarily reflect the occurrence or the severity of serious clinical symptoms. They offer the basis for an elimination and provocation diet to explore whether or not elevated IgG antibodies to specific foods could indicate the cause of certain symptoms.

There are no supporting documents with the ImuPro Screen as your health practitioner requesting the test will go through the results and management with you.

For the ImuPro Basic and ImuPro Complete, together with your test results, you will receive comprehensive nutritional guidelines explaining your results, and how to proceed from them (please refer to ‘The ImuPro Test – Guidelines’).


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