PreScreen – R950

ImuPro PreScreen is our screening test. It tests 7 pools of foods:
Pool 1 Milk, eggs, yeast and honey
Pool 2 Cereals
Pool 3 Cheeses
Pool 4 Meats and Fish
Pool 5 Nuts
Pool 6 Fruits
Pool 7 Vegetables

The PreScreen is a good place to start if you are unsure whether you may be IgG reactive to any foods. It is a basic initial screening test but does not test individual foods. For example, if you test IgG reactive to the “nuts” pool, the PreScreen results will not specifically identify which nuts you are IgG reactive to. Therefore MDS offers the option to upgrade to one of the more comprehensive tests (that tests for IgG antibodies against individual foods) using the same blood sample. If you upgrade to the ImuPro 100 test, the full amount of the ImuPro 100 will be charged. If you upgrade to the ImuPro 300, the balance of the cost of this test will be charged. Please Note: Upgrades are only possible within 30 days of MDS receiving the blood sample.

Click the ‘Results Examples’ tab to the right to see an example of an ImuPro PreScreen report.

When interpreting the ImuPro PreScreen report, the blue bar shows a ‘normal’ IgG level to the group of foods tested, and the red bar shows the IgG level tested in a patient’s sample. If the red bar is shorter than the length of the blue bar, this indicates that no elevated IgG antibodies were identified to this particular group. If the red bar is longer than the blue bar, this indicates that there were elevated IgG antibodies detected to some food in that particular group, and it could be useful to upgrade to further explore what the individual food/s could be. Please contact us for further assistance.