ImuPro100 – R2250

The ImuPro100 Food Hypersensitivity test tests for IgG antibodies against 90 individual foods. You are able to upgrade from the ImuPro 100 to the ImuPro 300 using the same blood sample if the upgrade is requested within 30 days of MDS receiving the sample and only pay the difference in price.

Click the ‘Results Example’ tab to the right to see an example of an ImuPro 100 report.

The coloured blocks next to each food indicate the level of IgG antibodies detected to the food, ranging from level 1 to level 4. The levels indicate the minimum time recommended for which the foods are to be eliminated. The levels relate to a WHO international human IgG standard against which every sample is referenced. The ImuPro concept is ‘Elimination’ of the IgG reactive foods, ‘Rotation’ of the remaining foods, and ‘Reintroduction’ of the reactive foods to monitor one’s symptoms. Please contact us for further assistance.