WellPro offers three IgE panels, one of which is a 107 IgE food and inhalation panel. This is the largest IgE panel in South Africa.

AllergyPro (R2500.00)
Total IgE IgE Dandelion Pollens
House dust Common Plantain Pollens
D. pteronyssinus (dust mite) Common Russian thistle Pollens
D. farinae (dust mite) Common Goldenrod Pollens
Cat epithelium and dander Common Common pigweed Pollens
Dog dander Common Hevea latex Other
Egg white Common Bee venom Insects
Milk Cockroach Common Wasp venom Insects
Cockroach Common Mouse/Rat Animals
Peanut Common Rabbit Animals
Soybean Common Guinea pig Animals
Wheat Common Wool / sheep Animals
Alder Common Hamster Animals
Birch Common Horse Animals
Oak Common Codfish Fish
Common ragweed Common Tuna/Salmon Fish
Japanese hop Common Plaice/Anchovy/Alaska Pollock Fish
Mugwort Common Lobster/Pacific squid Fish
Alternaria alternate (fungus/mould) Common Eel Fish
Cladosporium herbarum (fungus/mould) Common Blue mussel/Oyster/Clam/Scallop Fish
Aspergillus fumigates (fungus/mould) Common Silkworm pupa Meats
Crab Common Pork Meats
Shrimp Common Beef Meats
Mackerel Common Chicken Meats
Cultivated rye Common Lamb meat Meats
CCD (Cross-carbohydrate determinants) Common Cheese / cheddar type Meats
Peach Common Barley Grains
Apple Common Rice Grains
Sesame Common Buckwheat Grains
Acarus siro (flour mite) Indoor Yeast / baker’s Grains
Tyrophagus putrescentiae (storage mite) Indoor Corn Grains
Sweet vernal/Orchard grass/Common reed/Bent grass Pollens Carrot Vegetables
Bermuda grass Pollens Potato Vegetables
Timothy grass Pollens Garlic/Onion Vegetables
Penicillium notatum Pollens Celery Vegetables
Candida albicans Pollens Cucumber Vegetables
Hazel Pollens Tomato Vegetables
Olive Pollens Citrus mix Fruits
Maple leaf sycamore Pollens Strawberry Fruits
Willow Pollens Kiwi/Mango/Banana Fruits
Cottonwood Pollens Sweet chestnut Nuts
White ash Pollens Walnut Nuts
White pine Pollens Hazel nut Nuts
Japanese cedar Pollens Almond/Pine nut/Sunflower Nuts
Acacia Pollens Cacao Other
Ox-eye daisy