Panel of Genes

If you are a health professional and would like to offer GenePro as a health screening, or any other genetic tests at your practice, please contact us. We test for the following 19 mutations in the GenePro test:

Risk Area Gene
Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism Apo E (2 mutations)
Homocysteine and folate metabolism MTHFR (2 mutations)
Haemostasis and thrombophilia (blood clotting)Factor V, Prothrombin (Factor II), PAI-1 (SERPINE-1)
Iron overload HFE
Obesity FTO
HypertensionGNB3, ADRB2
Insulin resistanceFABP2, PPARg
InflammationInterleukin-6, TNF-alpha
DetoxificationGSTT1, GSTM1
Oxidative stress MnSOD
Oestrogen and dopamine metabolism COMT
Drug metabolism CYP2D6