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We provide paternity self collection kits for private paternity tests that are very easy to use. It requires a finger prick sample from the mother, father and child or children. The samples are then sent to our lab for analysis. Alternatively, you can contact us to book an appointment for the samples to be taken.

Should the results be required in court, however, it is essential to ensure chain of custody and that no tampering is possible with the samples collected, thus certain procedures need to be followed e.g. the test will need to be performed in the presence of an MDS representative, local magistrate, general practitioner, nurse or a lawyer, the samples need to be put in a tamper evident bag etc. Results will be received within four weeks of the lab receiving the sample and payment.

Another use of DNA relationship testing is through a DNA kinship test. This will test the relationship between two or more individuals to assess an alleged relationship such as full or half siblings, grandparents and aunts or uncles.

If you are interested in the paternity test or have any questions, pleaseĀ contact us.