Uses of DNA Identity

  • DNA Identity provides personal DNA identification.
  • DNA Identity can be used to aid in determining genetic family relationships such as paternity, maternity and siblingship. Other kinships such as grandparent/grandchild or uncle/nephew can also be determined. This testing is often useful in proving family relationships for legal purposes such as immigration or inheritance, if required.
  • In some cases, the DNA test is a welcome relief and an opportunity to prove or disprove a relationship, for example, in a situation where a deceased member’s family is approached by an individual claiming to be related to the deceased. DNA testing is an easy and accurate method to confirm or refute this relationship through testing other known family members of the deceased and comparing them to the DNA profile of the alleged relation.
  • One may undertake a DNA Identity test to keep a record of one’s own DNA profile that can be submitted to lawyers/financial professionals to keep together with life policies or estate documentation so that this information is available for instances where identification is required.
  • Though unpleasant to contemplate, it is becoming more common for parents and guardians to have DNA Identity profiles on record for their children. These can aid identification on a number of emergencies, such as disaster identification or kidnapping.
  • Although the most common use of DNA Identification is in criminal cases where prosecutors can also use DNA Identity to match profiles while building cases, this is, for the most part, not a common application of private DNA Identity Testing.

We offer a DNA test that can provide such personal identification, and is compatible with standard DNA profiling systems used worldwide. If you are interested in undertaking a DNA Identity test, please  download the DNA Identity requisition form, email/fax it back to us completed with proof of payment after which we will post a kit to you to take your sample and you can send it back to us for testing.

If you have any questions, please contact us.