ImuPro: Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the ImuPro test. Please also visit to browse through the answers to an extensive list of commonly asked questions on R-Biopharm’s ImuPro main site.

Is any discount offered when one upgrades?

If one upgrades from ImuPro Basic to ImuPro Complete, the amount paid for ImuPro Basic is deducted from the cost of ImuPro Complete and only the balance is paid.

What medication will affect my results?

Besides a few types, medication generally does not influence ImuPro results. However, chemotherapy will cause a lowered immune response so it is best to let us know if you have been on chemotherapeutic drugs in the last year. If you have been on high dosages of cortisone for more than 3 months this could cause a lowered IgG response so please inform us of this. Passive immunization with gamma imunoglobulins could also affect results.

If a food is identified as IgG reactive do I need to avoid it for life?

Generally not – the aim of the ImuPro test is to identify IgG reactive foods through elimination and provocation of each particular food. After the stabilisation phase, if a reintroduced food continues to be associated with your symptoms, it will need to be avoided again and reintroduced at a later stage. There may, however, be foods that one may need to eliminate indefinitely.

However, please note that the ImuPro food hypersensitivity test detects, specifically, IgG antibodies in serum, not IgE antibodies, therefore if you are aware of any IgE (immediate) reactions to certain foods, you must continue to avoid these food/s. We also offer IgE testing; please refer to our IgE tests page.

How old must a child be before doing the test?

At least 2 years of age. Before this age the child may still be influenced by their mother’s immune response. If your child is younger than this, contact a dietician for her to assist with an elimination diet to see if any associations between food and symptoms can be seen.

Do I need to be referred by a health practitioner to undertake the ImuPro test?

It is important to consult your practitioner before undertaking the ImuPro test in order to discuss whether IgG food hypersensitivity testing may be a helpful approach for you to explore. If you do not have a referring practitioner, you can discuss this with us. However, a health practitioner will be required to discuss the results with you once you have received them, to assist with management going forward as well as with an eating plan and all questions you  may have regarding your results. If you are not referred by a health practitioner, you can one from the list of Health Practitioners Associated with WellPro.

Where do I go to get my blood sample taken?

There are many facilities across the country which can assist with blood sample collection for our WellPro tests, both at selected clinics and by some health practitioners. Ampath Laboratories in KZN assist with sample collection for ImuPro and LipidPro tests (please download the relevant requisition form from our ‘Forms’ page).

All Dis-Chem clinics can take samples for the ImuPro and LipidPro tests. You may need to make an appointment with the clinic sister. Please download the WellPro Test Requisition Form – For Dis-Chem Clinics from our ‘Forms’ page and take this with you to Dis-Chem. Children below 6 years of age will be unable to have their sample taken at Dis-Chem clinics. Please visit to find a Dis-Chem clinic closest to you. You will be charged a sample collection fee by Dis-Chem. Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street in Cape Town stocks kits, they will also charge you a sample collection fee. You can also contact us directly at the WellPro Head Office at MDS to make an appointment to have your sample taken at our office in Westville or we will direct you to your nearest sample collection point or health practitioner.

How and when are results sent out and who will receive them?

Results are emailed to you within 10-14 working days from receiving the sample and payment. Alternatively, you may receive them from your practitioner if you were referred by one to do the ImuPro Test as s/he will also receive a copy.

How do I make payment?

You can pay via credit card, electronic transfer, bank deposit or cheque. Please use your full name and surname as a payment reference. MDS banking details: FNB Westville, Branch Number: 223526, Account Number: 62109297912.

Does medical aid pay for the ImuPro test?

No, medical aid does not cover the cost of the ImuPro test. We will require cash, electronic or credit card payment prior to starting the test.

Scientific references

Please click here to be taken to some of the published research associated with IgG testing.