Celiac Test: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between the ImuPro test and the genetic celiac susceptibility disease test?

Celiac disease is very rare, affecting about 1% of the population. It is an autoimmune condition for which the only treatment, currently, is the removal of gluten from one’s diet. The ImuPro test identifies concentrations of IgG antibodies which make it possible to infer information about the degree of sensitization of someone to the food antigens or mixtures tested. This includes the gluten containing grains. Thus one could be hypersensitive to gluten and would benefit from removing it from their diet, but unlike with celiac disease, this does not always need to be indefinitely.

Do I need to have been eating gluten prior to the genetic celiac susceptibility test?

No, even individuals who have been on a gluten free diet for many years can still undergo testing. This is because the presence of gluten is not required to detect genetic variations in one’s DNA, including the genetic variations associated with celiac susceptibility.

Can children also be tested?

Yes children of any age can be tested.

Does this test require a whole blood sample?

No, we require only a finger prick blood sample. You can contact us directly and we will post a sample collection kit for you to take your finger prick blood sample yourself, complete the forms and post the kit back to us (the DNA will be stable).

Alternatively, you may go straight to a Dis-Chem pharmacy or Wellness Warehouse in Lifestyles on Kloof Street (Cape Town) where the clinic sister can take your sample. They will charge you to take the sample and we will collect the sample from Dis-Chem or Wellness Warehouse.

How long do the results take?

You will receive results within 4-6 weeks from the date MDS receives your sample and payment. Results will be emailed to you or your referring health practitioner if you have one.