GenePro Frequently Asked Questions

WellPro is the Wellness Division of MDS laboratories. In this department we aim to improve your health, lifestyle and longevity by making use of the latest in scientific advancements to allow you to have a focused approach to your health. We have employed experts in the field of nutrition and genetics so that you have access to the best possible people to answer your queries and assist you on your road to health and wellness. We look forward to helping you.

What does the word 'GenePro' mean?
GenePro is a combination of the words "Genetic" and "Profile" and is unique to MDS Laboratories. It is a DNA test that looks at your personalized genetic profile and your lifestyle choices and gives you a risk for future potential health problems.
What is Nutrigenetics?
Nutrigenetics is the exciting new and exploding science where information from your personal genetic profile is combined with your nutritional profile and lifestyle factors to individualize and personalize a lifestyle and nutrition plan to reduce risk factors contributing to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammation, Type II diabetes and obesity. This is not a new diagnostic or prognostic tool for disease management but a very powerful knowledge base for disease risk reduction through nutritional and lifestyle changes based on the identification of individual inherited gene mutations.
Why do I need to know if I have a mutation?
Some specific mutations - in very specific areas of a gene - can alter the normal effect of the protein or enzyme to cause significant physiological and biochemical changes. These changes may lead to an increased risk for chronic disease development when expressed in the presence of specific negative environmental conditions as well as certain nutritional deficiencies.
What is the difference between High penetrance and Low penetrance mutations?
Certain mutations will cause genetic abnormalities or disease in spite of optimal environmental and/or nutritional conditions and these are called high-penetrance mutations. Thus environmental influences play little or no part in the expression of these genes. Huntington disease is as a good example of such a mutation. This triplet repeat expansion has little or no influence from environmental factors and is considered fully penetrant. Low-penetrance mutations on the other hand are influenced to a greater extent by external (environmental) influences. Nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors play a major role in the expression of these mutations in contributing to chronic disease e.g. cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, Type 11 diabetes and chronic inflammatory conditions. These mutations are what we look at in the GenePro test.
Where can I have the test done?
Any Dis-Chem pharmacy or Wellness Warehouse in Lifestyles on Kloof should be familiar with our test, they will charge you R40 for a bleed. Various healthcare providers can also take your DNA sample for you, or we can send you a kit for you to collect your DNA yourself and then post the sample back to us. This is painless, safe and easy. For more information and to obtain a list of healthcare providers – refer to our "Contact us" section.
Do I need to give a whole blood sample for the test?
No. We only need a small finger prick of blood. Please go to your nearest Dis-Chem for a kit, contact one of our healthcare providers for a test kit or contact us directly and we will arrange that for you.
Who will interpret the results for me?
Post-test nutrigenetic counseling is imperative in adding value to the DNA GenePro test and must be performed by a qualified professional. This is one of the primary reasons your results will only be sent to your healthcare provider and not directly to you. The correct interpretation and understanding of the test results is vital to the long-term outcome of the investment in your own health and wellness. Our qualified dietician at MDS can also discuss these results with you if you are not referred by another health care provider.
Who should have a Genetic test?
Any person with any of the following conditions:

- Early onset cardiovascular disease
- Thrombosis, including deep vein thrombosis
- Sporadic cancer
- Obesity
- Type II diabetes
- Chronic inflammatory conditions – arthritis, asthma, eczema etc.
- Iron overload
- Family history of dementia (Alzheimer disease)
or any of the above

Any person who would like a risk reduction strategy for:

- Chronic disease risk reduction in general
- Cardiovascular disease risk reduction
- Sporadic (general) cancer risk reduction
- Weight problems
Do you have any further questions?
We will be happy to assist you with further information regarding our tests and services. Please see the contact us section.